Fishtail Trek(machhapuchre)

Machhapuchhre Model Trek , studied by TAAN-Pokhara

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal’s (TAAN) Pokhara

chapter , together with NCCR N-S PAMS Project, has started developing infrastructures in TAAN-Machhapuchhre Model Trek.

NCCR N-S’ PAMS Project has started building five campsites and five shelter-houses for trekking supporters along the route. The construction is expected to complete by September 5, 2009.

TAAN Pokhara is developing this model trek to offer something new for trekkers after road construction in the Annapurna region shortened the length of trekking there. The trek takes trekkers to the closest possible view of Mt Machhapuchhre in Kaski district.

Together with NCCR N-S’ PAMS Project, TAAN Pokhara has also started a 30-day training programme based on village tourism for the local women. Eighty participants from five VDCs covered by the trek are taking part in the training. The training will cover courses on cooking, baking and hospitality/homestay. Annapurna Conservation Area Project and Nepal Tourism Board are supporting the training.

Option 1

This trekking starts from Pokhara to Rivan on the day 01. The second day reaches to Khumai and return to Pokhara on the thired day via Korchan. The 7- 8 day trekking encompasses beautiful villages of Lachok, Ribhan, Ghachok, Hile, Odane Hill, Chichimle Kharka, Khumai, Khorchan, Pipar, Gibli, Tarka, Imu, Kwiwan, Lwanghalel, Karuwa, mardi pool, Dhirpranga etc


Day 01: Pokhara – Lachok – Ribhan

Day 02: Ribhan – Odane Hill – Chichimle Kharka

Day 03: Chichimle Kharka – Khumai

Day 04: Khumai- Khorchorn – Kharka

Day 05: Kharka – Gibli – Tarka

Day 06: Tarka – Imu Kwiwan – Lwanghalel

Day 07: Lwanghalel – Mardi Pool

Day 08: Mardi Pool – Pokhara

Option 2


Day 01: Pokhara – Ghachok – Hile

Day 02: Hile – Khumai

Day 03: Kumai – Korchorn – Kharka

Day 04: Kharka – Pipar

Day 05: Pipar – napping area

Day 06: Pipar – Karuwa

Day 07: Karuwa – Ghiprang –  Ghachok

Day 08: Ghachok – Mardi Pool – Pokhara

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