Kanchanjunga base camp trek

Kanchenjunga base camp trek

Mount. Kanchenjunga has two base camp, which are lies in taplejung district of Nepal. North base camp called pangpema and south base camp of the Kanchenjunga is the Kanchenjunga. One can go any base camp first or only do the one base camp. Se le le pass make the facility to join the two base camp. some trekkers can pass one day se le le some are takes two days because it gives good rest. Taplejung or Basantapur is the starting point of the Kanchenjunga. from taplejung it is your choice to going to do south or north base camp. according to your choice the route is clock wise and anticlose wise. if you do the clockwise route of the Kanchenjunga treks, it is the northern base camp first then after se le le  pass to the Kanchenjunga south base camp treks.  if you do the antic lose wise you follow the Kanchenjunga south base camp via the Amphudhin vilage to south base camp of the kanchenjunga.

Itinerary of the Kanchenjunga trekking

Generally it is enough for the general trekkers 21 days trekking itinerary. Basantapur  is the clockwise staring trekking point for the kanchenjunga circuit treks, taplejung have a option where you go first . That means if you are going to starting  Kanchenjunga circuit trekking from taplejung you can change your mind that clockwise starting or anti clock wise starting point Kanchenjunga north to south base camp trek is the clockwise kanchenjunga trek. similarly kanchenjunga south to North base camp trek is the anticlock wise trekking. Se le le pass is the bridge between North and south base camp of Kanchenjunga trekking which is located between ghunsa and Cheram.

About the se le le pass in Kanchenjunga treks

Se le le pass have traditionally rest house made by the local people. Now have a commercial tea house. se le le pass only  finish one long day or two comfortable days. Then you achieved the golden chances in a single visit of the Kanchenjunga  to visit both south and north base camp of the Kanchenjunga.

Kanchenjunga was forbidden to trekkers before this region was opened in 1988. This mountain is situated on the border of Nepal and Sikkim (a state in India). So particularly, it is not possible to take a circuit of this mountain. It is suggested you to visit the north and south side of the mountain from the Nepal side. Equipped for a high crossing, this trek requires enough time (3 to 4 weeks). A special trekking permit is required to trek in this region

    From Ghunsa, it takes 1 or 2 days for access Cheram. Se le le is the first pass from Ghunsa then around Se le le there are tea shop where trekkers take launch after that gradually up to the Mirgin la pass then Sinelapacha Bhanjhang coming. From Sinelapcha Bhanjhayang it is down to the Cheram. From Cheram within 2 days you can reach to the Kanchenjunga south base camp which is called Oktung.

From Ramche it takes to down the village Called Amphudhin 2 days. After walking from Amphudhin you will reach Kebang then you will meet the motorable roads. Then, easy to come Birtamod for fly back or back to by bus to Kathmandu.

Starting point and Transpiration discussion for the kanchenjuna trek

There are two main point to start the kanchenjunga trekking. Taplejung and Basantapur. To start the trek from Taplejung we recommendation the fly to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu then Bus to Taplejung from from Birdamod.

Starting Kanchenjunga trekking from Basantapur we recommendation the fly to Biratnagar. Then Bus to Basanapur from there. It will be 3 days longer itinerary then Starting from Taplejung.

kanchenjunga trek cost

Kanchenjunga trek cost depend upon the itinerary , howerver 21 days itinerary we will calculated the prices for your information and knowledge about budget for this trekking.

Kanchenjunga trekking permit cost $30 for the 3 weeks to one month.

Kanchenjunga conservation area entry fee Rs 2000 NPR

Timms card cost $20 usd

Kathmandu to Bhadrapur flight ticket $360 usd per person.

Guide cost per day $30 Usd

Porter cost per day $20 usd per person

Itinerary of Kanchenjunga base camp trekking

  1. Kathmandu to Bhadrapur fly then drive to Taplejung
  2. Taplejung to Siwan
  3. Siwan to Tapethowk
  4. Tapethowk to Ghaiyabari
  5. Ghaiyabari to Gyabla
  6. Gyabla to Ghunsa
  7. Rest day in Ghunsa
  8. Ghunda to Khambachen
  9. Khambachen to Lhonak
  10. Lhonak to kanchenjunga North base camp Pangpema then back to  Lhonak
  11. Lhonak to Ghunsa
  12. Ghunsa Rest day
  13. Ghunsa to Sele La pass(42990m)
  14. Sele La pass to Cheram(Via Mirgin la 4480m and Sinelapcha la4640m)
  15. Cheram(3870m) to Ramche(4580)
  16. Ramche to Yalung base camp and back to Cheram
  17. Cheram to Lasiya Bhanjhang(3310m)
  18. Lasiya Bhanjhang(3310m) to Yamphudung(2080m)
  19. Yamphudung to Pedang
  20. Pedang to Birtamod by Bus
  21. Bhadrapur to Kathmandu flight.

Kanchenjunga circuit trek:

Kanchenjunga trekking if pass sele la ,Mirgin la then trek to Cheram that means Kanchenjunga circuit trek. or if you go Kanchenjunga North to kanchenjunga south base camp by sele la pass that means the kanchenjunga circuit trek. Even there is not circle the Kanchenjunga you will be Periphery of the mount Kanchenjunga which is third highest mountain in the world. Either you go first Kanchenjunga south first or north doesnot matter. Joining pass of the two base camp is sele le pass. Even there are other passes even higher than sele la(4290m) other passes such as Mirgin la(4480m),Sinelapche la(4640m) above the Cheram , Sele la(4290m) become Surprisingly popular than other two passes. Sele la pass has a rest house for the Local people who trade between Ghunsa and Amphudhin. also sele la has One tea shop both for local and tourist as well as there are accommodation facility this time so, it is popular in my views.


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Kanchenjunga trekking has two base camp, north base camp and south base camp. north base camp called pangpema and south base camp called oktung. It is flexible which base camp you are going according to that we mange the itinerary for the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal.

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