Trekking guide in Nepal

Trekking guide in Nepal

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Trekking guide Naba Thapa at the manaslu trekking areas ‘syala’

Trekking guide in Nepal license  by the  Ministry Government  of  tourism Nepal. To become a trekking guide it is essential visiting  many places already  and must know the information as well as  recommendation for those are more informative about culture, language, history  and  politics. In the case of the Nepal before  becoming a trekking guide, they work as a assistant guide for two years and got a recommendation letter from a license holder or authorized trekking agency. English is the first language for the  trekking guide in Nepal  however many trekking guide speak different varieties of the  language.  Nepal have a restriction  and non restriction trekking region for that have own unique value and mysterious so that guide must have a sound knowledge expose the ideas of this as he is one of  the non paid ambassadors in trekking field. Nepal itself colorful country where is more than 92 dialectics  and 40 ethnic group , they have a  exotic language and   precious exposition of the heritage, actually it is the jewels of the Nepal which is mention by the guide of

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iam(Naba Thapa) at the base of mount. Manaslu Near Samagaon.

Nepal. Langtang trekking Trekking guide in Nepal

Mera peak climbing Nepal

Best trekking guide in Nepal helps you make a trip more creative and unique. Experience trekking guide Nepal helps your trip informative, knowledgeable and fruitful. lets book a trekking guide in Nepal in a cheap prices.

Who become the your trekking guide in Nepal:

At least trekking guide of Nepal must have been trekking places before they are guiding to the tourist. This is not only enough, trekking guide knows the people culture, community, landscape, topography and popular Himalayan peak from the trekking route.

Beside this, trekking guide must have license of the trekking guide training. There are two months training program every year for guide training. Those have at least 2 years experience in trekking areas from any trekking agency of Nepal that person can apply for Guide training. It need a trekking agency recommendation letter where he is working. In the exam of trek guide , those are success to obtain good marks that people will got the ‘A’ grade. “B” and “C”grade also categorize according to the scoring.

Trekking guide in Nepaltrek guide Nepal

see also down one of the popular trekking in Nepal:

Upper mustang trekking or mustang trekking one of the cultural trekking in Nepal where is highlighted and original Tibetan culture. mustang trekking says the mini tibet in Nepal where is still  local king. There are unique Tiji festival in upper mustang areas , welcome the mustang for research the mystery of the tibetan beautiful culture.

Himalaya trekking is very popular in the worldwide.we are going to briefing about the trekking guide in Nepal. Most of the guide of our agency are well experience who are more than 10 years trekking areas experience in Nepal. Hirring a best trekking Guide in Nepal who helps you about the info , culture geography in Nepal. Book a trekking guide in Nepal in a cheap prices. There are many kinds of the choice able guide find in Kathmandu Nepal


trekking guide hiring Nepal

Kanchenjunga trekking has two base camp, north base camp and south base camp. north base camp called pangpema and south base camp called oktung. It is flexible which base camp you are going according to that we mange the itinerary for the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal.

Dhaulagiri circuit trek , one of the adventurous trek in Nepal which is off the beten path of Annapurna trek Nepal

Everest base camp trek in Nepal is the number one trekkers destination in trek in Nepal. In a short form it is popular as a EBC trek Nepal.


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  1. Special permit areas upper mustang trek one of the famous trekking in Nepal, organized by the authorized trekking agency of Nepal. Upper mustang trekking permit cost $500 usd for the 10 days. It is one of the expensive trekking areas of Nepal. You can hire a guide and permit with service charge with full board package from us.

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