Sophie, Nepal and tourist

I work in HOtel in kathmandu since 2 months and i have more opportunity meeting many people from the different world. most of the travellers coming for Nepal trekking and travel. on the way of the meeting  people i meet sophie may 29 evening around 6 o clock in hotel lobby. She was switzerland which is also touristic country like Nepal and even there is no big snow mountain. we introduce and talking about the life, language and culture there are. Amazing she already been the volunteer work in the farming near the kathmandu valley called Banepa. she also mentioned she had been in eastern Nepal called Phikkal which is number one tea state of Nepal. She like sport and become a slim but i see already she seems fit physically.  she study material science in switzerland  ETH university.  She already passed 2 months in Nepal and going  to leave very soon. After some minutes discussion and conversation she went for the dinner and i went to my houses.

I come back hotel  in the morning time, but i couldn’t see her . It  was raining. i meet sophie again and talking about the blog exchange. She know most of the basic Nepalese words  such as ‘Ama’-Mother, ‘Buba’-Father. main things when she mention her Name sophie, i remembered my  study the book sophie’s world.


see also down one of the popular trekking in Nepal:

Upper mustang trekking or mustang trekking one of the cultural trekking in Nepal where is highlighted and original Tibetan culture. mustang trekking says the mini tibet in Nepal where is still  local king. There are unique Tiji festival in upper mustang areas , welcome the mustang for research the mystery of the tibetan beautiful culture.

Himalaya trekking is very popular in the worldwide.we are going to briefing about the trekking guide in Nepal. Most of the guide of our agency are well experience who are more than 10 years trekking areas experience in Nepal. Hirring a best trekking Guide in Nepal who helps you about the info , culture geography in Nepal. Book a trekking guide in Nepal in a cheap prices. There are many kinds of the choice able guide find in Kathmandu Nepal

Kanchenjunga trekking has two base camp, north base camp and south base camp. north base camp called pangpema and south base camp called oktung. It is flexible which base camp you are going according to that we mange the itinerary for the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal.

Dhaulagiri circuit trek , one of the adventurous trek in Nepal which is off the beten path of Annapurna trek Nepal

Everest base camp trek in Nepal is the number one trekkers destination in trek in Nepal. In a short form it is popular as a EBC trek Nepal.

This time Kathmandu to Pokhara night bus become very popular because of the facility of the night super deluxe Bus. Night bus pokhara has wifi,Ac,Mini bar,fresh room,toilet facility. Tea ,coffee,Snacks and get down time at pokhara Breakfast included.


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