Manaslu trekking

Manaslu trekking

Manaslu is highly prmotinal for its camping and tea house trekking facility this days. for the light and easy trekekrs it is very great tea house facility in manaslu trekking. also , itinerary also flexible depend upon situation and physical fitness.

from Sotikhola takes 45 minutes to reach Liding and from there to Lapubenshi One and half hours to access. Some Map point out the Khursanibari for the Liding.This Board provided by the MCAP(Manaslu conservation Area project)
from Sotikhola takes 45 minutes to reach Liding and from there to Lapubenshi One and half hours to access. Some Map point out the Khursanibari for the Liding.This Board provided by the MCAP(Manaslu conservation Area project)

Manaslu trekking information and experience 

They are from Alaska  and working as  tour guide and announcing in train from microphone about the trail routes , places, history etc.

I got chance to trek around manaslu circuit with them in October 2012 . My house is bottom of the manaslu trek, near the Gorkha palace. We were eager to speak English when we saw the foreigners faces who are going to manaslu trek from lower manaslu circuit way(From gorkha Bazzar instead of Arughat) and they down to khora benshi from Larprak and Gumdha. Still lower manaslu trekking no need to timms card, restriction permit and manaslu conservation area fee. Of course it need entry ticket to go Gorkha museum , Gorkhanath temple in lower manaslu trekking areas. Also British Gorkha’s traditional home called Barpak which is now famous for Barpak village home stay. Barpak  is the epicenter of April Earthquake disaster 2015. From our village we saw mount. Manaslu ranges or manasiri himal very clearly. Next faces of manaslu there is a Samagaon but we think in the children  next to manaslu there is no further Nepal. He heard the village samagaon(Base of the mount. Manaslu). Equally we frequently heard the Chekampar which is now in the Tsum valley.

Naba Thapa, The best trekking guide of the manaslu trek Nepal
Selfi by Naba Thapa(iam),experience in Manaslu trekking. Picture in the Junction of manaslu and Tsum valley

From our village we saw many people from samagaon, Samdo passing the Gorkha headquarters for buying the grains, goods and paying the tax of land etc. Also they carry the medicine plants to sell in the depo of Gorkha. They carried heavy loads with thick traditional clothes and cooking rice Near the water tap with firewood. Now we did not meet that condition , things are already changes lots. When I asked one man about his home, he told me ‘Athrasaya khola’(1800 Brooks). From Arughat to up to the samdo there are 1800 Brooks. Manaslu is near equal same height  to mount. Dhaulagiri.

Because of traditional culture, remote(before), Tibetan culture, attractive landscape with medicinal plants, Natural beauty manaslu trekking become very popular. I meet the many lodge cook man of Annapurna region transfer to manaslu trekking areas hotel and lodges because of good opportunity. Manaslu areas people before working different tea house spot in trekking areas of Nepal. Mr. Man Bahadur was cook in Himalaya hotel Annapurna sanctuary whom I meet in Dharmashala tea house. There are many lodges going to underconstruciton we saw on the way to manaslu trekking.

12 days trek itinerary
It takes 3 hours to reach machhikhola from Lapubenshi,Machhikhola to Khorlabenshi 1 hours similalry from Khorlabenshi to Tatopani takes 45 min.

Why manaslu trekking develop so far

It is already eastablied as a camping trekking. Most of the travellers canot go there for the difficult  process of permit issue and compulsory need a license holder trekking Guide and more field staff for carrying and cooking foods. After 2011, there are coming a Home stay concept to increase the more travellers and trekkers in Nepal. Some trekking agency manager make a Hotel in Dharmashala( down to the larkya la). Then it was easy for basic lodges trekking in manaslu area and after that there are increase to built a quality lodges in the manaslu areas. There are also other impact how manaslu area become so promotional . most of the section of the Annapurna trekking built a road, so trekkers prefer to join Annapurna after larkya pass and it become the choice point continue to the Annapurna circuit after larkya pass manaslu trip. Former Prime minister of Nepal processing out of restriction areas permit for the increase number of tourism. Local people of Manaslu want out of bondage process of restriction areas.

Manaslu restriction permit cost
Tatopani is the popular hot spring tap. from Machhikhola it takes 2 hours to walk there. From Tatopani to Jagat takes 4 hours. Yarphuphant to Jagat takes 2 hours
Local manaslu trek guide
After walking 10 minutes from Tatopani there are Bridge coming as well as Another was is vertically up to the Uhia village.From the Bridge there are Landslide way and rock Carved way before Dovan

Samagaon and Samdo

Samagaon is the base of the mount. Manaslu while samdo is the base of the Dharmashala and larkya pass. Near samdo there are larkya Bazzar ancient salt trading market place. Two villagers has dispute about the lodges of the Dahrmashala. Larkya pass, Dharmashala, Samdo  are belongs to the people of samdo. While mount. Manaslu is the control by the people of samagaon. While in expedition group coming to climb manaslu, then people of samagaon get a job to carry a things from village to base camp of samagaon.People of samagaon carry the foods from benshiar while from samdo taking from benshiar and Dharapani. From samdo village it is near Tibet than samagoan. Any way either samdo and samagaon all people are Bhotiya or Nubri. Nurbi people are frequently contact with people of lower manaslu and district headquarters of Gorkha but another off road side of the manaslu trek there are Tsum people , still they are more tratiional than the people of online route of manaslu trekking.

I know some information about manaslu by trekking, reading and seeing. I been other tea house trekking around 2000 AD. But I had golden chances to first time manaslu in 2012. After I first trekking I been 3-4 times more to take a trekkers. Even I take a license of trekking guide in 2003 AD. There are many palaces due to trek. I furnish a dream to go Dolpo because I never had been there. I become impressive by the documentary, traditional and more remoteness that areas.

Manaslu trek information
Manaslu trek information Board in Dovan. Dovan is the Launch places from Lapubenshi or staying point for the average trekkers from sotikhola. It takes 2 hours to reach Yarphuphat from Dovan. There are two tea houses for the accommodation and Launch


Cost of permit of manaslu areas

Timms card cost $20 usd

Manaslu conservation area permit $20

Restrication of manaslu for 1 week $70 in Autman, and $50 for the spring.

Trekking Guide cost $25-$30usd per day

Package trip cost -$1050 usd for 12 days. In case of another (add)days +60 usd per day.

Minimum Group-2 person in one group

Best season of Manaslu trekking Nepal
Yaru Bagar have a wide river rides of Buri Gandakai. this time there are two wooden bridge in the beaches of the Rivers. Very soon there will be carving the straight trail by blasing the rock


Guide and permit service of Manaslu trekking without package

we provide the permit and guide only for the manaslu trekking. all the camp places of the manaslu are tea house. you can pay yourself for foods and accommodation. As you know it need minimum 2 people to get a permit for the manaslu trekking. Guide will escoring the way and porter will carry your bag pack, you just carry your light backpack and camera. Without package, you have to pay service charge for making the restriction permit, tax and Guide salary

Manaslu trek permit check post
Manaslu Permit first check point in jagat. It takes 3 days from Arughat to Jagat by walking.There are checking the Restriction permit of Manaslu as well as Manaslu conservation entry fee


What kind of the trekking company’s document need to issue manaslu restriction area permit

  1. TAAN Register certificate
  2. certificate of company Register
  3. Tax  and vat clear certificate
  4. Currency exchange certificate
  5. Field staff insurance certificate
  6. Updating Audit report
manaslu trek package cost
From Jagat it takes one and half hours to reach Sirdibas. From Sirdibas to Phillim takes another 45 minutes to access. As a whole 2 hours from Jagat to Phillim


Which trekking and travel company is best for online booking for manaslu trekking?

Self prise is no recommendation. we suggest you ask other trekkers who did manaslu trekking with us. Also you can see the feed back from popular travel online sites. we are guide and have own agency in Kathmandu Nepal. so, there will be go Service money directly to the Guide. we are local people of manaslu areas and working as a trekking guide since 15 years.

Manaslu circuit trek itinerary
Manaslu trekking Board in Salleri village. From Machhikhola it is possible to reach Salleri from the camp which is just 2 minutes ahead from Jagat


How i book the manaslu trekking?

For confirm booking the trip , you have to sent the 20 % non refundable advance with passport copy scanning, pp size photo. final permit will be issue after taking your original passport at the time of arrival. Rest of the money , you have to pay before departure the trip.

Manaslu trek route, trek route of Manaslu trek Nepal
Phillim is the Headquarters of the manaslu conservation area and inhabitant by Gurung , Ghale community. if camp phillim there are access to Deng or Bhi phedi

Manaslu trekking Itinerary:

Manaslu trekking possible from 11 days to 15 days. In 11 days manaslu trekking starting from kathamndu and End in Dharapani. 11 days manaslu circuit trek itinerary have no any rest day. 12 days itinerary of Manaslu trek has one rest days in in Samagaon. From Bhimtang you can directly trek down to Dharapani. 13 days trip of manaslu little flexible than 12 days. In this itinerary before namrung you have  chances to stay at Ghat at the time of trekking from Deng. 14 days Manaslu trek have 2 rest days samagaon and Samdo. 15 days are perfectly flexible trek itinerary at manaslu trek. like a 14 days this itinerary also have 2 rest days. At the time of walking from Bhimtang you have not reach directly to the Dharapani. There are excellent rest days in go or Kharche. Another short days to Dharpani then Dharpanai to Kathmandu

14 days Manaslu trek itinerary
It is the Junction to countiune larkya pass and going to Tsum valley trekking. From phillim it takes One and half hours

12 days manaslu trekking itinerary:

  1. Kathmandu to sotikhola by bus
  2. Sotikhola to Khorlabenshi
  3. Khorlabenshi to Salleri
  4. Salleri to Deng
  5. Deng to Namrung
  6. Namrung to Samagaon
  7. Rest day in Samagaon
  8. Samagaon to Samdo village
  9. Samdo to Dharmashala
  10. Dharmashala to Bhimtang
  11. Bhimtang to Dharpanai
  12. Dharapani to Kathmand

13 Days trekking itinerary of Manaslu trek

  1. Kathamndu to sotikhola by bus
  2. sotikhola to Machhakhola
  3. Machhakhola to Jagat
  4. Jagat to Deng
  5. Deng to Ghat
  6. Ghat to Lho
  7. Lho to Samagaon
  8. Rest day in samagaon
  9. Samagaon to Samdo
  10. Samdo to Dharmashala
  11. Dharmashala to Bhimtang
  12. Bhimtang to Dharapani
  13. Dharapani to kathmandu by Jeep

14 Days Manaslu circuit trek itinerary

  1. KaTHMANDU to Arkhet by bus then trek to sotikhola
  2. sotikhola to Machhikhola
  3. Machhikhola to Jagat
  4. Jagat to Deng
  5. Deng to Ghat
  6. Ghat to Lho
  7. Lho to Samagaon
  8. Rest day in Samagaon
  9. Samagaon to Samdo
  10. Samdo rest
  11. Samdo to Dharmashala
  12. Dharmashala to Bhimtang
  13. Bhimtang to Dharapani
  14. Dharapani to Kathamndu

15 Days manaslu trekking itinerary

  1. KaTHMANDU to Arkhet by bus then trek to sotikhola
  2. sotikhola to Machhikhola
  3. Machhikhola to Jagat
  4. Jagat to Deng
  5. Deng to Ghat
  6. Ghat to Lho
  7. Lho to Samagaon
  8. Rest day in Samagaon
  9. Samagaon to Samdo
  10. Samdo rest
  11. Samdo to Dharmashala
  12. Dharmashala to Bhimtang
  13. Bhimtang to Kharche
  14. Kharche to Dharapani
  15. Dharapani to kathmandu

Manaslu trekking Season:

From first week of the march to June is best season of Manaslu circuit trekking in the Spring season. In the Autumn September to November are best season to trek in Manaslu trek Nepal. we are recommendation the the rainy season to trek in the manaslu region trekking Nepal.

Food and accommodation in Manaslu trek

There are food menu basically there are available continental ,Nepali and Italian food. Accommodation is room with Sharing Bathroom.Rice curry pickle(Dhat bhat)cost Rs. 350 to Rs 500 NPR. There are Continental and Italian food in the Menu according in your Choice. Apple Crumble, vegetable Salad are other desert item of the Manaslu tea house food variety. Mainly there are common Bed room and separate bath room.

Guide and permit of the Manaslu trek(unpack aged manaslu trek with Guide service)

UnPackaged service include the Guide, permit and Transportation. You can pay  your food and accommodation yourself. In the unpackaged manaslu service there are extra service Charge plus goverment tax and vat you have to pay to the manaslu trek management agency.

In the cases of the unpack-aged service Guide cost $30 usd  per day and per person permit service charge and Government tax vat just $100 usd.

Packaged trip in Manaslu already included Government tax, service charge, food and accommodation of manaslu trekkers, Manaslu trekking guide fee and salary,transportation. Just difference is unpackaged manaslu trip prices split the cost of the guide, Manaslu Transportation cost, Service charge of the manaslu trekking agency and goverment tax.

if trekkers pay their own food there will not coming the food complain for the trekking agency and guide. Voluntarily trekkkers can take what they like. In the package trip there is limitation of the the food including. In our experience trekkers become always happy when themselves paid the food themselves. some of the trekking agency donot booked the trip , if there is no package trip of the Manaslu. Our Manaslu trekking agency always book the trip both Package and unpackage

How difficult the Manaslu trekking

-Manaslu trekking is the average trekking in Nepal like other trekking. most difficult day of this trek is larkya pass at the time of the trekking from Dharmashala to Bhimtang. Before Samagaon and Dhamshamala physically some difficult but not danger of the  high altitude sickness. From the starting the trekking it is upstream of the Buri Gandaki River. Before reaching Deng from after phewa it is up. similarly from Tatopani to Yarphuphant the trip turning up. walking is definitely difficult. Comparatively, some place is more difficult than other places. As a whole Manaslu trekking is average trekking region of Nepal.

How Fit do i need for the Manaslu trekking

To become the fit it is better to Jogging, running. It donot need so much physical fitness for this trip. It is better some physical fitness preparation for this trip. if you do this , it is not necessary pre trekking experience.

Is there internet facility in the Manaslu trekking

In the Arughat, Samagaon, Samdo there are facility of the internet facility. Sky telephone service are available most of the part of the Annapurna trip.

Is there Camera battery Charging facility in Manaslu trek

Before Dharmashala you get the battery Charging facility with some Charging cost. Dharmashala is busy due to the one big house for the trekkers. most of the time Guide go fast to secure the room for their Clients.

How expensive the the Manaslu trekking tea houses?

Manaslu tea house trekking lodges and food are less expensive than Everest base camp. As Manaslu is running like a Annapurna Conservation areas it is similar type of the lodges and Menu.

How i make the restriction permit of the Manaslu trekking

You can book a advance manaslu trekking with our Manaslu trekking agency. Then, our agency help to Make this permit. Due to the Manaslu restriction areas it is compulsion to hire a guide minimum.

What is the trekking equipment for the manaslu trekking?

-You need your basic clothes beside that Gloves, Hat, Sun cream,Down jacket, Sun cream, Medical kit box(Carry by the Guide), sleeping bag, stick( easy to down way), sun glasses etc.


Is Possible Manaslu without Guide?

Manaslu circuit trekking possible without package but it is not possible without Guide due to the restriction areas trekking in Nepal. trekking agency cannot make only permit for the Manaslu circuit trek.

manaslu trek guide naba thapa. without guide no possible manaslu trek but without package we manage the manaslu trekking
Manaslu trek guide naba Thapa

Daily food, lodge budget for the Manaslu trekking

It cost Basically $20Usd to $30USD for Manaslu daily lodge, food, accommodation. it is depend upon people and expenditure.

Daily expenses budget in manaslu trekking
Between Khursani bari and Lapu bensi

Fixed group departure for the Manaslu trekking for 2016 September, October and November

Manaslu trekking departure date 7 September 2016

Manaslu trekking departure date 15 September 2016

Manaslu trekking fixed departure date 20 September 2016

Manaslu trekking Departure date 1 October 2016

Manaslu trekking departure date 5 October 2016

Manaslu trekking fixed departure date 10 october 2016

Manaslu trekking fixed departure date 15 October 2016

Manaslu trekking fixed group departure 20 October 2016

Manaslu trekking fixed group departure date 25 October 016

Manaslu trekking fixed group starting date 30 October 2016

similarly , 5 November, 15 and 20 November area also our fixed group departure for the manaslu trekking autumn 2016

Fixed group departure for Manaslu trekking
Trail between Lapubenshi and Liding



This time Kathmandu to Pokhara night bus become very popular because of the facility of the night super deluxe Bus. Night bus pokhara has wifi,Ac,Mini bar,fresh room,toilet facility. Tea ,coffee,Snacks and get down time at pokhara Breakfast included.


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Dhaulagiri circuit trek , one of the adventurous trek in Nepal which is off the beten path of Annapurna trek Nepal

Everest base camp trek in Nepal is the number one trekkers destination in trek in Nepal. In a short form it is popular as a EBC trek Nepal.


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