Champa Devi hiking best tours Kathmandu

Champa Devi hiking best tours Kathmandu

Champadevi hiking tours Nepal, best hiking tours in Kathmandu champadevi

‘Hey Naba,i wrote you a message on Facebook about hiking tomorrow Let me know if you can help out!’

Jessica sent message from her Nepalese sim card phone to mine. I was outside from the room so i couldn’t have chances to check Facebook. But i wonder which hiking she prefer. Just yesterday she and me did the Nagarjun Hiking. I guess she might be choice Shivapuri or Champadevi. Even i have work tomorrow , i instantly reply her i could help you about the hiking around Kathmandu valley.Jessica again message me “Have a look on Facebook tonight and we can chat about tomorrow if you are free to help!” Then i come back home check the internet about the Jessica hiking message in Kathmandu valley.

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Hey Naba,

Tomorrow I would like to go on another 5km hike. I would like to go by myself but I would love some advice on a new mountain and would love some help getting there.

I would rather pay you a guides fee to take me there rather than a tour company because I don’t want to go with people.

Champadevi hiking, best hiking kathmandu Champadevi hiking

Then i realize my yesterday thought about going to Champadevi first time because that would be My experience in Champadevi. Today she use time looking around touristic city Thamel Kathmandu. I been before other hiking areas such as Shivapuri, nagarkot,Nagarjuna , Phulchowki but still had not been in Champadevi hiking. I heard some trekking tours agency Name around the thamel city. My views about Champadevi was pale than other hiking areas by the advertisement. I been many times in the Road of the Dashain kali temple and Pharping village. Toudha(small pond),Chalnakhel. but i didnot noticed to go Champadevi hills even same starting point of Champadevi i been many timesChampadevi hiking guide, guide of champadevi hiking, hirring a guide for Champadevi hiking.Dashain Kali temple and bike tours to Hetuda i was been. Most of the time we went Chanlakhel for the feelings of countryside and changed the routine of the days. After Jessica, asked me about the Champadevi hiking , then i googling for the exact route. There is writing starting point of the Hiking is from Pherping. I read many pages of the travel and trekking agency about the itinerary and route of the Champadevi hiking. I know lightly location of the Champadevi but i didnot noticed before exact Champadevi hills. After thining and reading i point out the places of the Champa devi hiking. Due to the shadow of the Kathmandu valley, it has a traditional cultural life than city areas of the Kathmandu valley.

Hiking champadevi tours in kathamndu, best hiking tours kathamndu Nepal
Champadevi hiker jessica , write a diary when she is rest on the way up

next morning i wait Jessica at the city bus station Ratna park. Before i leave home i  given the waken message to Jessica by sms and write -Good morning. After half an hours she replied the message that she just woke up. I looking the city bus station for the bus of Chamapadevi pherping. In the city bus station was many buses to go around the kathmandu valley rim. I noticed the bus to go Every areas from Kathmandu but i didnot find out the bus to go pherping(Base of the champa Devi Hills). west next corner of the  city bus station there is  a Bus i found to Go Dashainkali temple by the front tiny board of the bus. Then i went inside the bus for reserve the two seats but already occupied the seat of the Bus. Then i get down and there is going to turn next bus for the Champa devi base pherping village, then i look the way of the Jessica.Champa devi hiking season,season of Champa devi hiking, I saw jessica with long paces from little bit distance than i show hand to find out her my location. Then together we went to the Bus to Pharping. Bus was crowded because of the many local people and limitation of the bus at the time of shortage of petrol and diseal(fuel). Due to the winter season December after the Chovar hills there was mostly foggy and colder. Villager and local tea shop people were around the firewood.

After Toudha i saw the wide yellow Board about the destination about the Champadevi hiking. Then i shouted to the driver to stop the bus. Around Chalnakhel we stop and going to take a breakfast before hiking. i did two cup of tea each , some Biscuits for the Breakfast. We frequently saw overcrowding bus passing with local people who were hanging outside the bus. After Breakfast base of the village Champadevi hills at Chalanakhel we are ready to hiking up to Champadevi.

Champa devi hiking season,season of Champa devi hiking,


i feel well after breakfast. we already bought  orange , banana ,apple at new bus station Ratna park. I just buy water here and hiking up the village of pherping for the top of the Champa Devi. Generally i recommendation the 2-3 bottle of water because  there is no water sources out from the village.


we up hill to Champadevi temple at the top of the hill. we break for the rest and chatting and some times taking the orange, Banana. It takes 3 hours to reach the top of the Champa devi. we saw the Kathmandu valley, Dashain kali village,parping village from the height of the Champa Devi. i been many places in kathmandu and outside the Kathmandu valley as well as hiking shivapuri hills. But this Champa devi is the best places i feel even other places equally important and valuable. I personally suggest the Hiking Champadevi which is small hiking trekking just near from the city center.

There is no barrier of the season to visit the Champadevi height but we recommendation better to departure early in the morning to the point of the Champadevi hiking Nepal. transpiration to the hiking Champadevi will be public bus which is frequently leave from the city center called Ratna park. or you can hiring the car or reservation the any kind of the vehicle.There is no entrance fee if you go before the pharping village.

Pherping to Champadevi hike, hiking Champadevi to phering, pherping to Champadevi hiking

Faq about the Champadevi Hiking:

Where is Champadevi  hills?

Champa Devi hills is Near the Dashain kali temple which is just 2 km before pherping village that is the starting point of the Champadevi hills hiking.

What is the transportation of the Champadevi hiking?

Public bus car, Jeep, mircro bus etc. are the transportation of the Champadevi hiking beginning point.

where is the Bus starting point for the Champadevi hiking?

Ratna park is the city bus station where is bus starting. or if you like to hire a car for drop and pick up then we manage the car rental service for the Champadevi hiking.

What kinds of the pack launch should i carry to hike in Champadevi?

You can carry mineral water,fruits, dry food to hike in Champadevi hiking because there is no shop in the middle of the way and at the top of the Champadevi.

Can i back from another way or should i back same starting point?

there are many option from the top of the Champadevi hills. you can back through the next hills just half and hour walking from the hills of the Champadevi then down to the Matsya Gaon. or if you are strong you can go the the Basmasur hills to the Chandragiri then down to the Thankot. or you can directly back from the toudha it is before the pherping village. can start from pherping then back from the Chlnakhel toudha. for this you have to walk left side before the Hattiban Resort.

What is the cost of the Hiking Guide?

It cost $20 usd for one day hiking cost for hiking guide.

How i book the Champadevi Hiking?

You can directly called the hiking guide mr. Naba Raj Thapa . He will be 24 hours phone support for the trip booking Champadevi hills Kathmandu Nepal.

Hiking starting point of Champadevi, hiking for the Champadevi Nepal,alternative hiking starting point for Champadevi

After the trip

I been many hiking around the Kathmandu valley  such as Nagarjuna hills,Shivapuri hills,Nagarkot,Namobuddha,phulchowki hills but not been Champadevi. This chance of the trip become very fruitful. most Traditional village Kathmandu valley kritipur Matsyagaon,pherping Dashainkali connected by the Champadevi hiking. if you like extend the trip there are neighboring hills Basmasur hills then again you can join the Chandra Giri hills. Recently there are cable car construction to go Chandragiri hills. so,future of the Champadevi hiking will be more popular than before.

Everest base camp trek in Nepal is the number one trekkers destination in trek in Nepal. In a short form it is popular as a EBC trek Nepal.

This time Kathmandu to Pokhara night bus become very popular because of the facility of the night super deluxe Bus. Night bus pokhara has wifi,Ac,Mini bar,fresh room,toilet facility. Tea ,coffee,Snacks and get down time at pokhara Breakfast included.


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