Hiking in nagarjuna hills Kathmandu


Nagarjun Day Hiking tours from Kathmandu valley

Top of Nagarjuna,Pinnacle broken by earthquake
Top of Nagarjuna,Pinnacle broken by earthquake 2015

Facts of the Nagarjun Hills

National park-Shivapuri Nagarjun

Distance-4 km from city bus station(start)

Hiking Distance-5 km from down to top

Total hiking hours-3-4

Height-2062 m Approx.

Entrance fee-Rs.500 NPR

Hiking Nagarjun hills, Nagarjun hill hiking near from Kathmandu valley, Best hiking tours nagarjun in Kathamndu valley, Best hiking around Nagarjun hills
Hiking Nagarjun hills, Nagarjun hill hiking near from Kathmandu valley, Best hiking tours nagarjun in Kathamndu valley, Best hiking around Nagarjun hills

Views from Nagarjun Hills-Breathtaking views of Kathamndu valley,Shivapuri hills,Monkey temple, peaceful hamlet of Kathmandu valley,Langtang and Annapurna Himalaya ranges.

Food: Packed launch, 3 bottle of water carry

Hiking season: Four season , no snow in winter, no muddy in summer

Hiking with family in Nagarjuna
Hiking with family in Nagarjuna

Why it is said Nagarjun Hills

Sage Nagrjuna from india come up to the hills for mediation. People believe that still people feel power after come back from Nagarjuna hills. Nagarjuna is the second Big Buddha after Gautam Buddha. There is also monastery and tower  in the top of the hill. Off road of the top there are Royal palace and Army Barack.You can ready Wikipedia about Nagarjuna for details.

At the top of the Nagarjuna hills
At the top of the Nagarjuna hills


Information and Hiking experience in Nagarjuna Hills

Nagrarjun hill is the nearest hiking trekking hills from the city center of Kathmandu. Just 4 km from touristic town Thamel. Starting point of Nagarjun hiking is from Fulbari gate which is just 1 km far from the Balaju Bi pass and Ashtha Naryan Cinema hall.Nagarjun hills is protected by the Shivapuri-Nagarjun National park which is established in 2002 AD.Entrance fee of of the Nagarjun is Rs. 500 NPR for the tourist and Rs 56 NPR for Nepalese people. It was before Rs 250 NPR for the foreigner ourist and Rs. 10 for the Nepalese tourist.

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Hiking Guide Naba Thapa in Nagarjuna hills hiking

How to get the Nagarjun Hills

From Thamel: Take a taxi or car to the Phulbari gate. Then take a ticket from the counter.

From Boudhnath: Take a car, taxi or city Bus to the Balaju Bai pass. Taxi and car directly go to the Phulpari gate. You can get down the Machhapokhari and continuously walk to the Phulpari Gate via Balau Bi pass and Asthanarayan Hal


From Patan: Taxi and car Directly took you Phulbari gate(Entrance of the Nagarjun hills). In the case of bus you take one bus to city Bus station. Then from city bus station to the Balaju Bi pass micro bus or Big Bus available.

How to get the Bhaktapur to the Nagarjun hills?

From Bhaktapur bus for New Bus station Gongabu available directly. If you ride a bus to city bus station Near Bagbazzar (Bhaktapur bus station in Bag Bazzar), then you have to change another Bus to the Balaju park. Then From Balaju park you have to walk 1.5 km to the entrance point of Nagarjun hills hiking.

Note: Balaju and New bus station get any point of the Ring road. There are frequently thousand of the Bus available. Any where from Kathmandu Nagarjun hills is the Near. Which is located North west of Kathmandu valley.


Jessica asked me to go hiking and look around the Kathmandu valley. I thinking which hiking point is best and short as well as Near. Day of the winter season specially December is short days. Another things within 5 Pm have to check out from the Nagarjun hills. I remember my previous journey to the Nagarjun hills. Time was 2003 AD, that time was our trekking guide training from ministry of tourism. They organize one day hike to Nagarjun. I still remember the group hiking up to the Nagarjun hills. Secondly I remember the rock climbing at the Bottom section of the Nagarjun hill. I also heard there are Jeep and motorbike road up to the hills. This is the 17 km or more than 3 times lengthen the distance than directly hike to vertical distance. My second time to the to up the Nagarjun hills is in 2014 by motorbike.That time was not hiking, that time was motorbike tours to the Nagarjun hills. Motorbike journey to up to the Nagarjun hills I got fantastic experience. West ridge of the driving see the white monastery and excellent village. My third time to the Nagarjun hills is with the Jessica who is from Australia, a famous travel blog writer.


Time was already 2 pm we reached the gate of the Nagarjun hills.i was wonder the price rising from 250 to 500 Rupees for the foreigner tourist. And 56 Rupees for me. Jessica accept to pay mine also.In the check point they ask my details and keep the identity card for the security reason.(They keep all the people). It was my third time in Nagarjun hills and first time with the tourist. Are you  going to the top of the Nagarjun? Asked by the ticket counter person. We nodded the head yes.They again suggest us by 5 pm have to check out from the park. Then we become alert to hike fast. I guess it will enough time within 1 and half hours. Jessica walk more faster than I. After 20 minutes we reached the second check point of the army and they keep down our name. They said within 4:30 must be come back that point. Stairs up way with the shadow of the tree we continuous walk up to the hill.just half an hours down from the top we decided to the back because it was already 3:30. We took food and water which we carried. Then slowly down to the entrance point. Jessica suggest me come here with your family. I also like her ideas and thinking to go there in the child holiday.


In the 25 December at the time of the x-mass I going to Nagarjun hills with my family.My 6 years child walked all the way up and down. Similarly My daughter , she is 12 years also amuse the hiking up to the Nagarjun hills. We reached exactly 2 hours up to the hills. Already many people started to come back.This is my fourth time in the top of the Nagarjun hills but first time with the family I was there. I worshiped the God Nagarjuna, then take a photo and videos of the excellent Kathmandu valley. We get down exactly 1 hours. It was new and quite amusing experience to the Nagarjun hills with the family. Nagarjun hills see from our staying places. Our children proud to be there and pointed the top of the hills with their friend.


Why I Hike Nagarjuna hills:

Test of trekking capacity: if you are confuse about the trekking other areas. You can go to the Nagarjun hills hike. Trekking is not difficult than Nagarjun hills. As iam trekking and hiking Guide, trekking other parts of the Nepal easier than nagarjuna hiking. If you capable up to the hill with some back pack then , you can do the trekking. Just different other trekking and hiking Nagarjun hills is , in the trekking have to walk more height than Nagarjun hills, so climate will be changes. But the character of the up and down and geographical  features are same same.

Use leisure time by leisure hiking trip:


Some time like to glimpse and facing some physical difference make quite refreshing the mentality. Hiking is not adventures trip every body can hike that gives you physically fit and sighting the peaceful hamlet, views of the hills. There are historically, culturally and physically very benefit hiking. You can think and judge yourself.


There are many other reason hiking up to the Nagarjun hills. For eg. Peace seeking, far from city noise and dust, Day mediation tours, picnic etc.

Whom I contact the Guide for the Nagarjun Hills:

We are professional for the Nagarjun hiking tours opearating.you will get more knowledge than reading a internet and book. So , Guide is the supported the refreshing the knowledge of the hiking Nagarjun and other extra tips of many subjects.



Naba Thapa

Gov.license n. 3399(2003)

Trekking and hiking Guide in Nepal

Cell: 977-9851005685

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