Kathmandu to Rara lake tour by bus and jeep

Kathmandu to Rara Lake tour by bus and Jeep

Rara Lake Jeep tour Package cost

6 people will be comfortable by jeep to Rara lake. we design the itinerary with package cost in Rara lake tours. Mainly we give the 6 night 7 days tour itinerary covering with jumla ,the headquarters of the karnali zone. we give the prices separately even you are in a group. Total cost of the group tour and split the individual tour package of the Rara lake.

1 person if the whole jeep cost Rs. 91500 NPR

Sharing prices of the jeep if you are two person,per person cost 50,500 Rara Lake tour package.

if 3 person in a group ,per person Rs. 37500 NPR

Similarly, 4 person  package travel in Rara Lake in a jeep cost Rs 30,500 per person.

5 person reservation jeep with Package  tour Rara Lake cost Rs. 26500 per person.

Comfortable 6 person Rara Lake tour package cost Rs. 24000 NPR per person.

How to go Rara Taal(Lake)

Taal is a sweet translation world of the Lake. Local people of Nepal like to say Taal because of the mother  tongue. How to go Rara Taal(lake) this is common question for passion of visit the rara taal . There are many option to go Rara Lake. One of them are jeep tour in a group of friend. Kathmandu to Rara taal directly access to Jeep. You you have time go by bus and come back by bus. Truck, tractor frequently going off road to Rara from Jumla or Nagma then you can visit there with this. if you like to ask the prices to go Rara you can contact , then we quoted the package trip or your individual trip to Rara Lake Nepal.

Bus to Nagma  and Jumla  then hiring  local jeep or 2 days walk to the Rara lake from Jumla and Nagma. So,Direct rental and hiring  jeep from Kathmandu and Pokhara will be more recommendation. following are the  itinerary of the Rara lake tour by Jeep. By jeep to Rara lake and Jumla trip takes 6 night 7 days.

  1. Kathmandu to Surkhet by bus it takes 13 hours
  2. Sightseeing in Surkhet about 4 hours then drive to Kalikot 7 hours
  3. Morning breakfast in Kalikot then drive to Nagma. Take it launch in Nagma then travel to Sinja valley
  4. After breakfast trekking  or Jeep to Rara Lake
  5. Full day sighrseeing in Rara alke
  6. 7 hours trek back to Sinja valley or back to sinja from Jeep then 4 hours drive to Jumla
  7. Full day sightseeing in Jumla then drive back to kalikot
  8. After kalikot Drive back to Surkhet
  9. Surkhet to Kathmandu

Itinerary of the 6 night 7 days Rara lake tour by Jeep

  1. Kathmandu toSurkeht drive in the night then access in the morning in Surkhet. sightseeing in Surkhet then Drive to kalikot
  2. kalikot to Jhari
  3. Jhari to Rara Lake
  4. Rara lake to Jumla drive.
  5. Jumla to Surkhet
  6. Surkeht to Kathamndu.

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