Kathmandu to Pokhara deluxe Bus

Kathmandu to Pokhara deluxe Bus

Daily deluxe bus to Pokhara from Kathmandu departure from morning to Evening. Upgrading the deluxe bus as a Super deluxe for the deluxe service to Passenger. Three times super deluxe Bus facility from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Super Deluxe bus has a toilet,rest room,Ac ,Wifi and Mini Bar. Day super deluxe Bus last departure from Kalanki Kathmandu at 9 Pm. Night Super Deluxe Bus round the ring road to pick up the customer and last departure at 9 AM. Launch,breakfast included in the Day Super deluxe Bus  and Breakfast,snack included in the night Super deluxe bus to pokhara.

Kathmandu to Pokhara Super deluxe bus arrange by the green city travel and tours.
Kathmandu to Pokhara Ac Deluxe bus cost Rs. 800 NPR,Super Deluxe day bus cost Rs. 1500 NPR,Super Deluxe night Bus cost Rs. 1200 NPR,VIP Super Deluxe Bus cost Rs. 2000 NPR. Contact at 9851005685 for booking Kathmandu to Pokhara Bus ticket

There are mainly Deluxe,Ac Deluxe bus,Super deluxe Bus and VIP Deluxe category Bus service to Pokhara from Morning to Evening.Morning has VIP,Super Deluxe,Deluxe,AC deluxe bus facility. Night has Ac Deluxe and Super deluxe Bus  available for comfort journey to Pokhara from Kathmandu.

VIP Super Deluxe bus to Pokhara

In the morning two VIP Super deluxe bus leave to Pokhara from tourist bus station Kantipath. Two companies Vip bus has deluxe seat,wifi and Breakfast Launch included in the ticket price. 7 Am Bus leave from tourist Bus station. It cost Rs. 2500 NPR.

Ac Super Deluxe Bus

Ac Super deluxe category Bus has toilet,wifi ,rest room and mini Bar.Ac super deluxe bus leave 8 Am from Super deluxe bus station Kathmandu and Last departure at 9 Am from Kalanki. Launch and Breakfast included in the Super Deluxe Bus. For the Nepali people it cost Rs. 1600 NPR and western traveler it cost Rs. 200 NPR per person.


Super deluxe bus reservation by the Green city travel and tours. Super deluxe bus cost Rs. 1600 to Rs. 2000 NPR. Night Super Deluxe Bus cost Rs. 1200 NPR.
Morning VIP Super Bus cost Rs. 2000 for the Nepali passenger,Rs. 2500 NPR for foreigners which is Departure from at 7 Am. Super Deluxe Bus Departure time at 8 Am from Center and 9 AM from Kalanki. Morning Two Super Deluxe Bus departure. Foreign tourist Cost Rs. 2000 and Nepali tourist cost Rs. 1600 NPR. Super Deluxe Bus include Breakfast and Launch as well as tea coffee from Mini Bar of the Bus

Ac Deluxe Bus:

In compare to VIP and Super deluxe Bus, There are more Ac deluxe  bus service to Pokhara from Kathmandu. 7 Am to 10 Am there are Ac Deluxe bus  facility from Kathmandu. Ac Deluxe bus has wifi,AC,cooler and bottle of water facility. It cost Rs. 750 NPR per person.

Night Ac Deluxe Bus:

5:30 Pm Ac Bus access pokhara at 12 Am or 1 Am. Bus has facility to drop near your location. Another Ac Bus leave at 6:30 Pm, it access in Pokhara in 3 Am morning. It cost Rs. 800 NPR per person.

Night Super Deluxe Bus:

Night Super deluxe bus pick up the passenger from ring road from 8 pm and last deparature from Kalanki at 9 Pm. Book ticket and waiting your nearest location in Ring road. Night super deluxe bus has toilet, AC,wifi, mini bar. included tea,coffee,Snacks,breakfast. It cost Rs. 1200 NPR.

Book night deluxe,morning deluxe,Day deluxe bus ticket with Green city Travel and tours.
Book Deluxe and Super Deluxe Bus ticket to Pokhara from Green city Travel and Tours(p.)Ltd.

Booking agency:Kathmandu to Pokhara tourist bus ticket(7 Am)

Reporting time:6:45 AM

Departure time:7:00 AM

Kathmandu to Pokhara VIP Deluxe tourist bus-Rs.2000- 2500 NPR with launch

Green land Super Deluxe Bus-Rs. 2300 NPR

Deluxe Bus with Ac Rs-900 NPR

Non Ac tourist Bus cost Rs. 700 NPR

8Am to 9 Am Bus

Reporting time Bus stand-7:45 Am

Departure time At 8 Am

Last Time from Kalanki At 9 Am

Kathmandu to Pokhara AC Bus with Launch-Rs 1500 -Rs. 2000 NPR

Kathmandu to Pokhara Standard tourist Bus-Rs. 700 NPR

Seclude of Kathmandu to Pokhara day and Night  Deluxe Bus:

8 Am to 12 Pm AC Deluxe Bus running from the Bus station Kathmandu Nepal. Ac Deluxe and Super Deluxe Ac bus departure every day. Similarly, from 5 Pm to 9 Pm Ac deluxe bus leave from Bus station Kathmandu Nepal. 5:30 Pm and 6:30 Pm Ac Deluxe Bus leave to Pokhara. At 9 Pm one super deluxe Bus departure from Kathmandu.Cost of Ac Deluxe bus Rs. 800 NPR and Super Deluxe Bus Rs. 1200 NPR. Super deluxe bus has food,snacks ,tea coffee facility.

News About Deluxe Bus to Pokhara from Kathmandu. 

Tours and Travel Company has imported two commuter buses with toilets to be operated on the Pokhara – Kathmandu route.

Company chief said the buses have been imported from India and will come into operation within two days. “We hardly have toilets along the highway while passengers request drivers to stop the bus to answer the nature’s call. Commuters, especially women, face a great difficulty while travelling due to lack of toilets along the highway,” he said.
According to him, the buses have 30 seats each. He claimed that such buses are being operated for the first time in the country. The buses will carry both domestic and foreign tourists. One way ticket for travel by the bus would cost Rs 1,000. The buses will operate on alternative basis on the highway.

“It cost us around Rs 700,000 more for the bus. We paid Rs 8 million each for the buses and it has facilities such as AC, Wi-Fi, mobile charger and fans in each seat,” he informed.

According to him, the buses come with two 60-liter capacity septic tanks and 80-liter capacity water tank. The toilets have wash basins, mirror and towel stand.

“All commuters, especially women, children and the disabled, will be benefitted from the service,” said Ram Kumar Shrestha, driver of the company. After the septic tanks are full, the human wastes would be disposed of at Gunadi along the highway.

The catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake of April 25 and its subsequent aftershocks have hit the tourism sector hard. However, despite the challenges, the bus operators are optimistic that the situation would change for the better.

More news about Deluxe Bus

Sep 2, 2015- A transport entrepreneur in Pokhara has launched “super deluxe” buses in order provide better services to passengers.
According to Adhikari Super deluxe  Travels, two such vehicles were imported from India’s Ashok Leyland Company at the cost of Rs 35 million and will be operated under the Prithvi Highway Bus Entrepreneurs Committee starting next week.
Adhikari said the buses, which are made sophisticated reducing the number of seats from 35 to 21, are launched targeting domestic as well as foreign tourists. “We assembled the seats in India using materials imported from China and Singapore and each seat cost us Rs 136,000,” he said.
The seats in the buses are sofa-like and their positions can be adjusted using a remote control. Passengers can even sleep on them and ring an attached bell to order tea, coffee, cold drinks and juice from the mini bar set up in driver’s cabin.
Likewise, passengers can also watch movies on a 48-inch television screen in the buses outfitted with air-conditioner.
“We have also prepared a menu of hygienic breakfast for our passengers and it will be changed every day. However, they can have their lunch at a hotel on the way,” Adhikari said. The floor of the buses is covered with carpet. The bus fair is fixed at Rs 2,000 for Nepalis and Rs 2,500 for foreigners. The fair includes all services provided during the journey.
“We are trying to introduce the most sophisticated bus service in Nepal,” he said, adding that the buses will be useful for the ailing and elderly who can’t travel by air.
“Likewise, the buses will be the best alternative to airplanes when flights are cancelled due to bad weather. Passengers can travel by our buses enjoying services of a star hotel and served by crew members who will be wearing uniform similar to that of airhostesses and pilots.” The buses will take six hours to travel from Durbar Marg in Kathmandu to Tourist Bus Park in Pokhara.
Likewise, each bus has a separate luggage box and the luggage will be tagged for the safety.
According to Adhikari, both buses will have green plates. “We are in the process of registering the vehicles with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation,” he said.




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