Kathmandu to kakadvitta Bus ticket service

Kathmandu to Kakadvitta Bus ticket

Kathmandu to kakadvitta Bus for Kolkatta and Darjelling tour,Direct AC bus to Kakadvitta ,distance of kakadvitta from Kathmandu, bus cost to Kakadvitta ,reservattion  and Book bus kakadvitta from Kathmandu,bus ticket to kakadvitta from Kathmandu.


How can i book  Online kathmandu to Kakadvitta bus ticket?

we can book online bus ticket to Kakadvitta from Kathmandu Nepal. First you inquiry us by phone,Viber,Whatsapp then we will inform the Bus seat availability. Then, we message by Sms,Viber for your ticket. You can pay us by E-swea,IME,Bank Deposit.  How Amazing!! your mobile phone become Mobile ticket. Then, you can ride a Bus from Balaju,Kalanki or around the ring road where we fix.

Most of the Bus to Kakadvitta leaving at evening or late afternoon. Night bus to Kakadvitta beginning from 3 PM to 5 Pm. Daily 3 Ac Bus leave to Kakadvitta at 3 Pm. Access to Kakadvitta from kathmandu morning  7 AM. Only possible Deluxe and AC Bus to Kakadvitta from Kathmandu Nepal.Bus ticket cost depend upon bus types. Every bus has wifi facility. Normally, it cost 1200 to 1900 NPR from Kathmandu to Kakadvitta.

There are normal bus to Ac Deluxe bus service to Kakadvitta from Kathmandu Nepal. Bus leaves to kakadvitta from Morning to Evening. Night bus reached to Kakadvitta  Morning takes about 12 hours to reach Kakadvitta. In morning 4:30 AM Bus leaves to Kakadvitta from kakadvitta bus station. Morning Bus leaving from Kathmandu ,reached to Kakadvitta in the Evening time. Night bus leaves till 7 Pm Evening from Kathmandu to Kakadvitta. Those who are coming from Calcutta and Darjelling city, they come via Kakadvitta. Kakadvitta to Silguri is 25 km by distance,which is touristic sport. There are immigration point for visa permit checking for the travelers. From Kakadvitta bus station ,there are find the jeep,bus to go Silguri and Darjelling. Kakadvitta is the one of the popular business point between Nepal and India.

Bus ticket cost to Kakadvitta from Kathmandu

Ac Bus cost Rs. 1900 NPR,Deluxe Bus cost Rs. 1600 NPR,Normal Bus cost 1300 NPR.

How to reservation kakadvitta bus :

By phone you can reserve the bus then you can send money by e-sewa,bank depoist,Ime etc. You will sms Drivers and Bus Staff number after transfer. Your mobile phone is yours ticket. so, it is not compulsion to come in the office. Your bank depoist slip,Ime transfer slip, Esewa transferring money will be the your prof and claim the liability.

Kakadvitta Bus reservation office

Our agency have bus ticket from Kathmandu to kakadvitta. You can visit our office which is located at Kakpurdhara. You can directly visit our office to get the bus ticket slip.

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Book all india train ticket from our indian ticket reservation office Kathmandu Nepal.



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