Kathmandu Pashupatinath to Jankpur bus ticket

Kathmandu Pashupatinath to Janakpur bus ticket

Pashupatinath to Janakpurdham bus ticket,Janakpur tour by bus , Kathmandu to Janakpur bus distance,  Book Janakpur bus ticket  for Janapur dham tour, Janakpurdham to Kathmandu jeep and bus ticket, reservation and rental bus and jeep for Janakpurdham tour

Kathmandu Pashupatinath to Janakpaurdham bus service for Janaki Mandir Darshan and Puja. We managed daily Ac and Non Ac bus to Janakpurdham from kathmandu. Short route from Balkhu kathamndu to Janakkpurdham jeep service we organize from our Ktm Janakpur Bus service. Morning from Kathmandu night bus going to Janakpur. Night bus start from 5 Pm to 7 pm and reached to Janakpur at morning next day.Get only mircro bus in the morning time

Bardibas to janakpurdham or ktm-mugling-Narayanghat to janakpurdham.

Bus and jeep reservation for Janakpur pashpatinath tour, Bus ticket and car rental for Janakpurdham and pashupatinath tour, Transportation for Janakpur Kathmandu tour ,distance from Kathmandu to Janakpur,Banepa Bardibas to Janakpurdham tour,Mugling Naranghat to Janakpur tour distance

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How many hours by bus from Kathmandu to Janakpur from Kathamndu?

It is 12 hours  from Kathmandu to Janakpurdham by bus.



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