Manaslu trekking Guide

Manaslu trekking Guide

Manaslu trekking guide is those who has been manaslu trekking and specialized the Manaslu region’s Culture,region,Geography. Local trekking Guide with Government liec holder will be more preferable. Manaslu trekking region covers from Jagat,Pillim, Deng,Bhiphei,Namrung,Lho,Sho ,Samagaon ,Samdo etc. Local Guide know their own locality more clearly than all manaslu trekking. Some local Guide wide manaslu trekking and research. Manaslu trekking guide is the government non paid ambassador but trekking agency paid them. Up stream of the Buri Gandaki rivers before the Larkya la and Larkya Bazzar. Larkya Bazzar is the traditional salt trading areas which is near the Samdo village and just within 15 minutes you can access the Larkya Bazzar.

Nearly two decade spent the Guide of Nepal. Not only manaslu trekking region but also all Himalaya trek. There are many old and experience  manaslu trekking guide. Recommendation manaslu trekking guide is those who are frequently have chances to been manaslu trekking with many guest and many times. Quality Guide of manaslu trekking those who has up to date knowledge about the  corner  village of the Manaslu region. Manaslu trekking guide helps the tailor made the itinerary of the Manaslu trekking areas. It is true, if one qualified the Manaslu region trekking, it is sure he or they will be  have well Guiding capacity all Himalaya trekking Nepal.

What is the cost of the Manaslu trek guide. Also can be said the Salary or daily wages. Hiring guide and permit of the manaslu and non package trip manaslu possible. Very experience trekkers Himalaya Nepal ask the quotation of the hiring guide and porter.


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