Kagmara pass to Phoksundo Lake trek

Kagmara pass to Phoksundo Lake trek

Kagmara pass is the highest pass route to go Jumla from Phoksundo lake and short but challenging pass to go Phoksundo Lake from Jumla. If you go to lower dolpo trek from simikot or jumla many trekkers choices to go Phoksundo lake from Kagmara pass. Churikot to Hurikot then takes two days for Kagmara pass. People from upper dolpo down to Jumla via Kagmara pass. Jumla is the headquarters of the Karnali zone. Dolpo , Mugu, Humla,Kalikot, Jumla are 5 district are in the Kanrali zone.People of upper dolpo Saldang Tinje, Bijur  down to the jumla from Kagmra pass. June and july there are Yarcha collecting time. Kagarma Lek(pass) is the concerning of the seasonal life of people of Dolpo.


Kagmara pass to Phoksundo lake trek:

It give the sense of the Experience of adventure and Challenging.  It is the local people path to go Jumla from Phoksundo areas and to go upper Dolpo or phoksundo lake from Jumla.


Jumla to Kagmara pass trek:

Jumla to Gothicour,Mourya Lek(pass), Chourikot, Hurikot, then base of the kagmara pass, After that Kagmara pass to Phoksundo lake trek.


Phoksundo to Kagmara pass trek:

If you are in the phoksundo lake and like to go Rara lake or Jumla we recommendation Kagmara pass to Jumla.


Simkot to Kagarmara pass trek:

Walk to Raara lake and Jumla and follows to trail and itinerary of the Jumla to Kagmara lek. After reaching Phoksundo lake it is your choice down to Dunai or Numa la Baga la pass.


Dunai to Kagmara pass trek:

Going up to Phoksundo lake , it takes 2 days from Duani then going to Jumla via Kagmara pass.


Lower Dolpo circuit with Kagmra pass trek:

Lower dolpo circuit will compete after coming Phoksundo lake from Numba la and Bagala pass. Then, trek to Kagmara pass and proceed to Jumla.


Rara Lake to Kagmara pass trek:

Rara Lake to Kagmara trek organized by the Dolpo trek guide. After fly to Juphal then walk to the Dolpo phoksundo. From hurikot to Kagrmara pass then trek to Dolpo.






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