Kathmandu to Amritsar tour Package

Kathmandu to Amritsar tour Package

How to Go Kathmandu to Amritsar from Kathmandu Nepal and which is best agency for flight , bus and train ticket to Amritsar from Kathmandu. Amritsar golden temple tour Management by the Green City Travel and Tours(p.)Ltd. Kathmandu to Amritsar tour Package by Green city travel and tours. Discussion about the transportation from Kathmandu to Amritsar. Going by bus, flight and train from Kathmandu to Amritsar tours. Everybody heard beauties and attraction of the Amritsar tours  so eager to go  there for the curiosity and exploration.How to go Amritsar tours from Kathmandu , What is the budget of the Amritsar tour package, itinerary of the Amritsar tours then flight ticket, Bus ticket and train ticket detail information.

People are not only going Amritsar if they go from Nepal there are other attractive tour package and connecting their suitable travel destination. Visit our agency Green City Travel and Tours for Kathmandu to Amritsar tour Package.


Go by the flight from Kathmandu for the easy and fast tour. If you have time Go to Delhi By Bus then travel to Amritsar.


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